About the Study

The earlier that cancer is found, the better the chance of successful treatment and survival. The SUMMIT Study will involve 25,000 Londoners to improve how we screen for cancer.

Study Overview

The SUMMIT Study’s goals are to:

  • Develop and evaluate a new blood test for detecting multiple types of cancer early.
  • Detect lung cancer earlier amongst at-risk Londoners and examine the feasibility of a large-scale lung screening programme in England.

SUMMIT plans to enrol 25,000 participants, aged 55 – 77 years, from participating GP practices in London and surrounding areas. Participants will be people who meet certain criteria based on if they currently smoke or have smoked regularly in the past.

Those who are eligible and wish to take part will be asked to read and sign informed consent documents. All participants will complete a confidential health questionnaire and provide a blood sample annually for two years in addition to their first visit. The blood samples will be used to develop and evaluate a blood test for early cancer detection. Since the blood test is still in development, no blood test results will be given to participants or their GPs as part of this study.

Participants who meet certain eligibility criteria based on their current or past smoking history will also have one or more low dose computed tomography (LDCT) scans of their chest to check for the early signs of lung cancer. LDCT results will be reported to participants and their GPs, and if necessary, further tests will be offered. Learn more about lung cancer screening and LDCT.

All participants will be asked to come back for follow-up appointments each year for the following two years (in addition to their first appointment). They will receive a £20 shopping voucher at each visit to compensate for the time and effort. After all study visits have been completed, all participants will have their health status followed for up to eight years through national health registries as well as their GP records.

Eligibility for the SUMMIT Study

SUMMIT Study participants must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible:

  • Be between the ages of 55 and 77 years old at the time of their appointment.
  • Be registered at a participating GP practice in London and surrounding areas.
  • Smoke currently or have smoked regularly in the past and meet certain requirements.
  • Not be currently diagnosed with cancer.

Additionally, in order to be eligible to participate in Group A, individuals must:

  • Smoke currently or have smoked regularly in the past and meet certain requirements.

In order to be eligible for Group B, individuals must:

  • Not have a significant smoking history that would make them eligible for Group A.

Potentially eligible individuals will be sent an invitation letter from their GP. Certain GP practices in north central, north east and south east London are taking part in the SUMMIT Study. Only people registered at these GP practices will be invited. GPs will share the details of those who could take part in the study with researchers at University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH). People aged 55-77 years will be invited by letter to an appointment at which they may be offered the opportunity to join the SUMMIT Study. For some people in this age group, the Study may be offered as part of a Lung Health Check. For more information on how people are invited and the information GP practices are sharing please click here. If you would prefer not to be invited please click here.

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