Healthcare Professionals

The SUMMIT Study is one of the largest genomic research programmes ever to be conducted in the UK. Its goal is to develop and evaluate a novel blood test for the early detection of multiple types of cancer.

Through this study we are also conducting a large-scale lung cancer screening trial with the aim of understanding the feasibility of implementing a lung cancer screening programme to help more people in the UK get diagnosed and treated early.

By inviting eligible patients to participate, GPs can help support this important effort with minimal impact on their practice workflow.

Why should your practice take part?

Eligible patients from your practice with significant smoking histories will be offered a free Lung Health Check, including spirometry, a respiratory health assessment and smoking cessation referral if appropriate. If they consent to take part in the SUMMIT Study they will also be offered an LDCT scan – a method which has been demonstrated to be highly effective at identifying early lung cancer and is currently offered as standard of care for at-risk individuals in the US and Canada.

The SUMMIT Study collaboration

The study is a collaboration between:

  • University College London (UCL): academic clinicians and researchers have been involved in the design of this study, which has been subject to a rigorous ethical approval process.
  • University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH): specifically, staff delivering the project via the study sites.
  • GRAIL: a US based healthcare company that is funding the study and will be using the blood samples for research focused on developing a blood test for early cancer detection.

And you – our primary care colleagues.

What is the role of GPs and primary care staff?

  • We will arrange a convenient time with your practice for a member of our project team to visit your practice to identify eligible patients.
  • They will need access to your computer system, a desk and a networked PC for around one hour.
  • Once we have details of your eligible patients, we will write to invite them for a Lung Health Check .
  • For a sub-sample of potential participants, we will send a brief optional UCL survey to understand reasons for non-attendance to the Lung Health Check. This will inform any future screening programme.
  • At a later stage, a member of the study team will return to your practice to extract further health data on consented participants.

Overview of study follow-up

Individuals with significant smoking histories who meet eligibility criteria will be offered a Lung Health Check, which includes a brief respiratory consultation, and measurement of BP, BMI and spirometry. This information will be reported back to their GP by letter whether they participate in the study or not. Participants will also be given advice on lung health and referral to local smoking cessation services as applicable. Based on their lung cancer risk using validated lung cancer risk scores they will then be offered participation in the SUMMIT Study and fully consented if they want to take part. Consented participants will have a blood sample taken, complete a confidential electronic questionnaire and have an LDCT scan. Participants will be asked to return for two further annual visits; some may have further LDCT scans, and all will donate blood samples and fill out confidential questionnaires.

All participants will receive a £20 shopping voucher in thanks for their participation.

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